Keegan Allen Is Officially Done With “Pretty Little Liars”

Submitted by on Oct 27, 2016

As we all know, after seven long years our beloved series Pretty Little Liars is officially coming to an end.

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…but Keegan Allen (aka Toby) wrapped last night, and things were already insanely emotional.

In typical PLL fashion, the cast documented the entire somber day on Snapchat.

Like Keegan’s last spin on the PLL golf cart…

Stop Keegs😭💘 @keeoone

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…this final Spoby hug that has me collapsing on the floor in sadness…

…and their heartfelt written goodbyes.

Tears are falling to the keyboard as I’m writing this right now, so HOW ARE WE GONNA COPE TOMORROW WHEN IT’S ALL DONE FOREVER?????

Thank you, Keegan. And thank you, PLL fam.

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